Do Kids Still Play With Toys?

Author: Polly Green   Date Posted:4 August 2018 

Do Kids Still Play WIth Toys? Do Kids Still Play With Toys? How to get kids off their screens and devices and into creative and imaginative play.

Do Kids Still Play With Toys?

Of course they do!   

Devices and screens are very compelling and addictive, so toys need to be engaging to compete and hold kids interest.

Classic toys like Marble Runs, Bug Catchers and Science Kits hold Kids attention and engage them in activity.

Adorable Soft Toys engage kids in pretend play.

Craft Kits and Activities engage kids in creative play.   

Cardboard Playhouses Spark Creativity and Imagination and Engage Kids for Hours of Fun.

There are a whole lot of engaging toys here at Green Ant Toys Online.   

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